Google Chromecast 4K with Google TV

  • Plug in. Stream on
  • Watch your favorites with your voice
  • Do more on your TV with the voice remote

Google Nest Learning Thermostat – Black

  • Combi Boilers
  • System & Regular¬†Boilers
  • Wet Underfloor Heating
  • Air Source Heat Pumps (Heating Only)
  • Heating systems with OpenTherm technology
  • Domestic hot water tanks

Google Nest Mini

  • Music sounds bigger and richer on Nest Mini, with more power and bass
  • Dim the lights, pause the TV, or turn up the heat
  • Just ask and get the best of Google

Google Chromecast 3

  • Start streaming with just your voice
  • Works with streaming apps you know and love
  • Stream from your phone to your tv

Google Home Mini

  • Google Mini charcoal customizes to you by recognizing your voice
  • Can work on its own or you can have several around the house
  • Gives you the functionality of Google in your home

Google Home

  • Incredibly useful and outstanding gadget from Google Home
  • Elegant design fits any environment in your home or office
  • The integrated Google Assistant provides useful information that's personalized for you

Google Chromecast Ultra

  • Make the most of your tv
  • Start streaming with just your voice
  • Works with google home, so you can stream and control content using just your voice.¬† Ok google, play stranger things from Netflix.