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Remax RT-EM21 Aladdin Retro Humidifier

  • The retro design of the good old days
  • Wireless humidification, fine mist
  • Two spray modes, silent operation
  • LED lights, long battery life
  • Strapless adjustment, warn lighting
  • Colourful lighting a more cosy vibe

Baseus Wisdom Car Smart Dual Port Atomized Air Freshener

  • Dual-Port Steeples Adjustment
  • Nano Atomization Long-Lasting Fragrance
  • Bottom RGB ambient light changes with the spray. 6 ambient light colors.
  • Smart sensing chip for auto start/stop
  • 6 month Warranty 

Baseus Wisdom Car Smart Dual-port Atomized Air Freshener Essential Oil Refill

  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • Long-Lasting Fragrances
  • Make Traveling Comfortable by Removing Unpleasant Smell
  • Can Fit Anywhere in Your Car
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus Ripple Car Cup Holder Air Freshener

  • Nano concentrated aroma balm activated carbon paste
  • Contain plant deodorant factors, identifying and decomposing odor molecules rather than cover them up
  • Nano solid concentration technology enables 10 times lower volatilization rate than liquid aroma diffuser
  • 360 degree decomposition of hidden odors in a car
  • Natural plant formula and non-alcoholic essence ensure health from the source
  • The fragrance is mild and not irritating so it can be used for pregnant women and babies
  • Combine aluminum alloy with ABS technology
  • 6 Month Warranty

Baseus Time Aromatherapy Machine Humidifier

  • Fragrant aromatherapy
  • Two-level spray
  • Quiet design

Baseus Elephant Humidifier

  • Two-level adjustment, level 1 large spray offers rapid humidification, level 2 mild spray brings the delicate moisturizign
  • night-light design, help you relieve and sleep better
  • Low noise of 25 dB never impacts you from working and rest
  • Automatical anti-dry-burning with the probe detection
  • 600ml large capacity, avoid adding water repeatedly, one refilling of water lasts 15-24 hours