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Baseus K01A Wireless Tri-Mode Keyboard

  • Triple connection
  • Ergonomic design
  • Thin & light
  • Smooth switch

6 Months Warranty

Baseus Encok H17 3.5mm Earphone White

  • 14mm moving coils
  • Lossless sound quality
  • High-sensitivity microphones
  • Comfortable half-in-ear design
6-month warranty 

Baseus Metal Adjustable Laptop Stand

  • Wide compatibility, compatible with most laptops and computers
  • Adjustable height and tilt, you can angle the laptop for maximum visual comfort, great for desk setup
  • The ergonomic adjustable design ensures you a comfortable position no matter sitting down or standing up, bringing the laptop screen up to eye level, improves your body posture and helps to relieve neck, back pain, and eye strain
  • Only two holding arms design further improves heat dissipation
  • The extremely solid build provides quality assurance

6-month warranty

Baseus Rotatable and Foldable Laptop Stand

  • 360° rotatable base
  • All aluminum alloy material
  • Smooth adjustment with 3-hinge structure
6-month warranty 

Baseus MagStable Series Magnetic Tablet Stand – 10.9″/11″

  • Powerful magnetic attraction
  • Vacuum suction cup base
  • 180° adjustable
  • Aluminum alloy material

6-month warranty

Baseus MagStable Series Magnetic Tablet Stand

  • 12.9 inch
  • Powerful magnetic attraction
  • Vacuum suction cup base
  • 180° adjustable
  • Aluminum alloy material
6-month warranty

Baseus Explorer Series Auto Power-Off Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to iPhone 20W

  • 20W fast charging
  • Fast charging for Apple 14/13/12 series
  • Powder metallurgy material
  • 6-month warranty 

Baseus Bowie H1i Bluetooth Headphone

  • Hi-Res Sound, Lossless Audio
  • Reduce Ambient Noises by Up to 95%
  • Immersive 3D Spatial Audio
  • 100 Hrs Listening time/No More Daily Charging
  • 038s Low-Latency & ENC Mic

Baseus i-wok2 Series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light (Youth) Black

  • Ra95 high color rendering
  • Touch control brightness adjustment
  • Sturdy gravity support holder
  • Quick & Easy Installation
6 month warranty 

Baseus Magnetic Mini Power Bank 10000mAh 20W

  • Charge in a snap
  • Charge the Way You Like
  • 10000mAh Capacity
  • Pass-through Charging
  • Strong & Secure Magnets
  • Designed for iPhone
6-month warranty

Baseus Magnetic Mini Power Bank 20000mAh 20W

  • Upgraded 20,000mAh Capacity Than Ever
  • 20W PD Fast Charge
  • Strong Magnetic Attachment
  • Designed for iPhone 14/13/12 Series
  • 10 Security Certification
6 month warranty 

Baseus Comet Series Dual-Cable Display Fast Charge 20000mAh 22.5W Power Bank

  • Built-in two fast charging cables: Equipped with 20W Lightning-fast charging cable with PD and 22.5W Type-C cable.
  • Intelligent Digital Display: Real-time battery level display to show you the remaining power level.
  • Two-way fast charging: The PD port supports two-way fast charging.
  • Certified Multi-Protocol: Certified to most major fast charging protocols, including PD, QC, AFC, FCP, SCP, etc.
  • Low Current Mode: Supports charging low current devices such as wireless headphones, watches, electric toothbrushes, etc.

Baseus Heyo Camera Detector

  • Infrared detection
  • Two lighting modes
  • Long battery life
  • Mini and compact
  • 6 month Warranty 

Baseus T2 Pro Smart Device Tracker

  • One-step locating
  • Two-way reminder
  • Two-way alarm
  • 365 days’ battery life
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus Starjoy 12 Port Type- C Hub Adapter

  • Total 40Gbps bandwidth
  • 8K 30Hz ultra-clear display
  • PD 100W high power
  • Gigabit network
  • 6 Months Warranty

Baseus i-wok Series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light (Youth) Black

  • Asymmetric Light Source
  • No Blue Light / no Stroboflash
  • 3 Lighting Modes
  • Touch Control for Stepless Dimming
  • Simple Alloy Process
  • Installed and Fixed in 1 Second
  • Stable Metal Counterweight
  • USB Power Supply
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus Smooth Writing Active Stylus with Led Indicator (With Palm – Rejection)

  • Palm Rejection on the Full Screen
  • A Tilt Pressure Sensor
  • A Detachable and Replaceable Pin
  • Powerful Magnetic Design
  • 6 Months Warranty

Baseus Easy Control Clamp Car Mount Holder (Applicable to Round Air Outlet)

  • Active clamp
  • Double reinforcement
  • Horizontal vertical screen
  • One-handed pick and place
  • 6 month Warranty 

Baseus High Speed RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet CAT 6 Cable (flat cable)

  • 1000Mbps high speed transmission
  • Plug and play with multiple devices
  • Multiple thickened wires
  • Easy to store with flat cable
  • Snag-less unplugging with flexible push tab
  • 6 month Warranty 

Baseus Starjoy 4in1 4 Port Type-C Hub Adapter (Type-C to USB 3.0 x 3 + RJ45 x 1)

Baseus Starjoy 4in1 4 Port Type-C Hub Adapter (Type-C to USB 3.0 x 3 + RJ45 x 1)

Baseus Starjoy 4in1 4-Port USB 3.0 Type-C Hub Adapter

  • 4*USB 3.0 port
  • Smooth connection with no latency
  • 4TB hard drive
  • Double circuit protections
  • 6 Months Warranty

Baseus GaN5 20W Type-C Fast Charger

  • Mini and Compact - Super-mini size occupies little space on the outlet and is easy to carry around
  • 20W PD Fast Charging - Supports fast charging and is compatible with Apple 13/12 series, safe and stable
  • Advanced GaN Technology - GaN technology offers a higher energy conversion rate with quicker response in a smaller size
  • Baseus Cooling Technology - Uses nanotechnology to stimulate the infrared resonance of the radiating surface to accelerate the heat dissipation process, safe fast charging all the way
  • Multiple Safety Protections - Built-in over-voltage, over-current, over-power, under-voltage, electrostatic, over-temperature, short circuit, anti-interference protections, guaranteeing your charging safety
  • 6 month Warranty 

Baseus Compact charger 3x USB 17W UK plug black

  • Dynamic Power Distribution
  • Safety Protector Chip
  • Multi-Compatible
  • Multiple Safety Protections
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus Lens Film For iPhone 14 / 14 Plus 2pcs

  • Hard and durable surface under special manufacturing process.
  • Static technology eliminates the bubble effect and enhance firmly on the camera lens.
  • Easily remove without any adhesive.
  • High transparency with high clarity.
  • Scratching protect on the camera.

Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charging Power bank 6000mAh 20W

  • Wireless Charging & Power Bank
  • Compatible with
  • Apple13/12 series
  • Allow to bring on a plane
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus Wisdom Car Smart Dual Port Atomized Air Freshener

  • Dual-Port Steeples Adjustment
  • Nano Atomization Long-Lasting Fragrance
  • Bottom RGB ambient light changes with the spray. 6 ambient light colors.
  • Smart sensing chip for auto start/stop
  • 6 month Warranty 

Baseus Wisdom Car Smart Dual-port Atomized Air Freshener Essential Oil Refill

  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • Long-Lasting Fragrances
  • Make Traveling Comfortable by Removing Unpleasant Smell
  • Can Fit Anywhere in Your Car
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus 100W GaN3 Pro Desktop Fast Charger 2USB-C + 2USB Port CN Charging Station

  • 2C 2U four-port
  • 100W GaN technology
  • Compact
  • 5m thicker extension cable
  • 6 month warranty 

Baseus GaN3 Pro Desktop Powerstrip 2AC+2U+2C 65W White

  • 6-in-1 USB C Charger
  • 65W PD Fast Charging
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Downsized Design GaN Charger
  • GaNIII Pro Tech & ETL Certified
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus ThermoCool Heat-Dissipating Laptop Stand (Turbo Fan Version) Grey Hollow Air Duck

  • Wide Compatibility
  • Skid-proof Baffle
  • Dual USB Ports,Super Convenient
  • Interactive RGB Lighting Effects
  • 5 Levels of Wind Speed, Fast Cooling
  • Noiseless Operation, No Disturbance
  • Hollow-carved air vent
  • 6 month warranty

Baseus Digital Alcohol Tester

  • Fast and precise measurement
  • Safe for health
  • HD display
  • Light and sound indicator
  • Long runtime
  • Tailored to your needs6 month Warranty
  • 6 month warranty 

Baseus GaN3 20W Type-C Fast Charger

  • 20W GaN fast charger: Equipped with GaN3 technology, support 20W PD fast charging for iPhone 13/12 series
  • Mini and compact: Smaller than the original charger, easy to carry around
  • Baseus cooling technology: Excellent temperature control during charging, safe charging without overheating
  • Multiple safety protections: Safe and reliable with multiple built-in protections for over-voltage, over-power, static, over-temperature, short circuit and more
  • 6 Months Warranty

Baseus Lite Series Type-C to RJ45 LAN Port Ethernet Adapter

  • Universal USB-C to RJ45 network adapter
  • Supports data transmission speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Works with USB-C computers, tablets, TV boxes, etc.
  • Integrated braided cable with a reinforced connector
  • Durable aluminium housing that supports proper heat dissipation
  • 6 month Warranty 

BASEUS Digital LED Display 2 in 1 20W Wireless Charger

  • Digital Display 2-in-1 Wireless Charger
  • DBaseus power split technology
  • 2 device simultaneous charging
  • Compatible with Apple/Android
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus Lite Series USB RJ45 LAN Port Ethernet Adapter

  • USB-A port to LAN port for wired network and stable connection
  • Up to 100Mbps transmission speed
  • Stable signals for smooth viewing experience for Mi Box 3/4/4c
  • Plug and play for multiple operating systems, like Windows, for Apple OS, for Linux and for Vista
  • 20cm braided cable, space-saving and easy to carry around
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus Magnetic Wireless Fast Charging Power Bank 10000mAh 20W

  • 20W/18W fast charging
  • PD+QC dual-way fast charging
  • Wired and wireless dual mode
  • Battery percentage display
  • 6 month Warranty

Baseus Bipow Pro Digital Display Power Bank 10000mah 20W Black

  • It also supports 22.5W for Huawei fast charge.
  • Digital display screen for showing remaining capacity power.
  • Multiple protection design, safe to use.
  • 6 Months Warranty