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Sony V43D Audio System

  • Seamless streaming with Bluetooth
  • Sync your sound with Wireless Party Chain
  • Multi-device Connection
  • Built for partying hard

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

  • AMD Jaguar 1.6 GHz 8-core
  • Graphics AMD GCN Rade
  • 4K Gaming Support
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

  • AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next
  • Single-chip custom processor
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support
  • Compact design

Sony PlayStation 5

  • AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine
  • 8K Display Support
  • Lightning Speed
  • Ultra-High Speed SSD
  • HDR technology

Sony MHC-V42D Party Speaker

  • Voice Control via Fiestable
  • Party Light via Fiestable
  • High-quality Bluetooth┬« streaming with LDAC

Sony MHC-V72D Party Speaker

  • 360┬░ Party Light and Speaker Light
  • Fill the room with party sound thanks to angled tweeter units that spread sound wider
  • Voice Control via Fiestable